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Batter Blaster – Wrong for America

Ok, the title is a tad hyperbolic, but when I saw this in Costco a few months ago a tiny rage welled inside. We were shopping on a Saturday when we came across Batter Blaster. The spiel was along the lines of how much easier breakfast would be with pancakes from a can.

Breakfast from a Can? WTF!

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Qwest Will Not Block 3rd Party Billing

I was reading a story on ars technia today about a guy’s difficulties in removing 3rd party billing from his phone bill. A practice known as cramming. Cramming is where obscure companies place billing charges on your phone bill, using your carrier to do the billing. For example a company called MyScamBilling could put charges on your phone bill with no authorization from anyone, with no verification that the billing is even legitimate. And you phone company will require you to pay it, or possibly send you to collections. Sweet.

The hope is that consumers just become frustrated and pay the charges, or they may not even notice them at all if the charges are small. And good luck getting them to even stop. They guy in the article called all the companies and asked them to stop. Low-and-behold… they didn’t stop, they just kept billing.

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