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[UPDATE] Capistrano Deploy for Shared Hosting with GIT Repository

Like I said in my original post Capistrano Deploy for Shared Hosting with GIT Repository, I would add the ability to rotate log files and backup your database. Also added a couple of niceties while I was at it.

  • Updated for Capistrano 2.3
  • Added backup of mysql database to local machine
  • Added log rotation and backup to local machine
  • DRYed things up just a touch (delete_files, delete_directories)

Just run a ‘cap -T’ to see all the new functions.
[sourcecode language=”ruby”]
cap -T

CAP db:backup

‘cap db:backup’ will execute a mysqldump, so obviously, this only works on mysql databases. But you could adapt that to any db fairly easily. It dumps the file and bzips it and then downloads it into a ‘/backups’ directory in your project.

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