Coolest Ceiling Fan – EVER

Since the summer it a slow time for me, and I have the kids at home all day long (except when they are at VBS), I’ve decided to remodel the boys room. Well, actually it was never really ‘modeled’ in the first place, so I guess you can’t remodel it.

In any case, my boys love planes. We try to attend any air shows that come around. About 18 months ago we went to see the Blue Angels. Ever since, the boys are fascinated with air planes. So I thought a plane or hanger motif would be just the ticket for them. As I searched the net for ideas, I came across one of the coolest ceiling fans I have ever seen. Wow! The Craftmade WarPlanes ceiling fan comes in three models that really look like the whole front end of an air plane. The one on the right is the Tiger Shark (links to hi-res image). There is also the Glamorous Glen and Miss America. A little poking around and it’s fairly easy to find under $200. Not bad.

We have six Craftmade fans in our house and have been extremely pleased with their performance and reliability. After neary 12 years of 24/7 use, they are all quiet and really move some air, so I know the quality of these fans are very good.

I’ll post some pix as the project progresses.

PS- if you have any ideas for decorating a boy’s bedroom (ages 5-7), please let me know with a comment.

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